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The Legal Profession is Recognizing the Indispensable Role of Legal Project Management

The New York City Bar Association has recognized the indispensable role that Legal Project Management plays in the modern practice of law.  That's why they included a session on the topic in their July 24, 2013 16-Hour CLE entitled "Bridge-the-Gap: Practical Skills, Ethics & More".  The session was called "Effective Project Management Techniques for New Attorneys", and had a seat at the table with the other classes offered that day, including "Introduction to Franchising Law", "Making the Most of Trail Graphics", and "Basic Legal Writing".

I was honored to be on the panel presenting this exciting session with a Senior Manager of Project Management & Pricing for Goodwin Proctor LLP, the president of a top consulting firm that works with large law firms, and the Project Director for Hospital Corporation of America – all thought leaders in the area of LPM.  I believe we put together a truly unique presentation that illuminated Legal Project Management for new lawyers.  Our program was designed to give the attendees practical skills that they could walk out of the session with that day and begin implementing in their practices -- whether they were associates at large firms, had just opened a solo practice, or were somewhere in between.

I taught another CLE on LPM at Lawline in December 2013; highlights in the next blog post. 

Legal Project Management is a way of life at Itkowitz PLLC.  We are constantly studying material on project management, our application of project management to the law evolves with each engagement, and we discuss and write about project management. 
Our Legal Project Management material can be viewed in 3 ways:

• As a free hard copy book.
• On our Legal Project Management Blog as an ever-evolving series of posts at
• As a free PDF E-Book downloadable from our website

In the next sub-chapter, we begin to examine information Gathering.


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